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Cruel Intentions, Chapter One.

Title: Cruel Intentions
Author: perilprincess & mystoryinstereo
Pairing: William Beckett/Ryan Ross (read cast list for more)
Rating: R (according to the movie rating)
POV: Third Person
Summary: Brendon makes a bet that his step-brother, William, won't be able to bed Ryan (a virgin, who wants to wait until marriage) before the start of the school year. If he loses, Brendon gets his Roadster, if he wins, he gets Brendon.
Disclaimer: We do not own anything. Not the Plot, the characters, songs, lines or titles. This is complete fiction and never happened.
Dedications: Firstly, to skeletontrees because she helped loads with this and because she's so supportive. To everyone who commented on the prologue. It made Stanze and I so happy. Thank you so much.

Previous Chapters: Prologue

Author Notes: If you haven't read this before, we suggest you read this first. If you want to know which other characters will appear in this story, this is our
Cast. And these are they official posters: Mainposter & additional poster.
Please enjoy. ♥

Cruel Intentions – Chapter One

“William.” The bored voice of the therapist sounded through the bright room. “William, do me a favour and try to concentrate for a few more minutes.” She said, glancing unnerved at her white gold Chanel wrist watch. Only three more minutes. Though this isn’t much time, the hand of the watch seems to move too slowly. The seconds appear like minutes and she starts tapping her fountain pen on the clip board.

“I just can’t anymore. This whole thing is just so, disarming. I mean, I have to face it. I’m an atrocious prick that feels sorry for himself, because he has rich parents who grant him any wish. I’m such a spoiled brat.” He swings his protracted legs over the edge of the leather couch, his shoes making a low ‘click’ on the wood floor as he rises himself to his feet and saunters with a thoughtful expression towards the grand panorama window.

“William, that’s not true. This is not your fault. Nothing is harder then puberty and parental absence isn’t making it easier at all.” The therapist drones, the usual. William thuds his head against the polished glass of the window, mumbling I’m such an idiot over and over again, but making sure the therapist could still hear him.
“Here.” She extends her hand, holding her newly published book out to him.

He turns his head to look towards her, taking quick steps into her direction once he realized what she’s holding in her hand.
He takes the book, engrossing himself with the inferior cover layout, his face showing impression while inside he rolled his eyes. Today anyone could publish a book. It was sad how the aspiration level sank nowadays.

“A signed copy!” He said with faked enthusiasm. “Can I keep this?” He wonders how this woman didn’t figure out he’s just acting when she’s supposed to know how people ‘work’, to dip into the depths of their minds and analyse their behaviour and way they think.

“It’s all yours.” She says with a superior smile and a generous gesture, before she scribbled a short note on her clip board, reminding herself to put it on his bill. She certainly wouldn’t give this…spoiled brat, as he described himself so well, anything for free. The cottage in France wasn’t paying its rent by itself after all and neither did anything that inhabits her closet.

“You have to get over your parents mistakes and form your life yourself now. You are strong enough now and you can do it. Past is past, leave it behind you.” She says, lies slipping so casually from her
Alizarin red painted lips.

“You know, I just can’t believe there was a time in my life when everything was just about sex.” William says the last word with a frown, as if he can’t understand how anyone could get an addiction to this act of passion, which he claimed to be healed of now.

“This is really no way to live, William.” Dr. Greenbaum confirmed, shaking her head negatively.
“I know.” He ran his fingers through his long brown hair, his fingertips gliding along the slightly curled strands. “I mean you’re the best example. You’re a very stunning lady.” He lowered his eyes to the floor as he says that, feigning sheepishness. “And you have killer legs. I’d like to photograph them.” He said, looking at her legs, his expression appearing as if he’s all soaked up in his thoughts.

He wasn’t even lying. Well, not completely at least. For a woman at her age she looks pretty good. But she certainly doesn’t look good enough to charm him.

Dr. Greenbaum raised her eyebrow at him. He took a swift breath before he continued with an emphatic tone.
This was the old William, the addicted. I’m clean now. Sex is certainly not going to dominate my life anymore.”

“You couldn’t make me any more proud.” The way she glanced at her watch once again with an impatient look steals the statement any breeze that could have make William think she’s actually meaning what she says. Not that he does in the first place, but he thinks if she already lies she should make the effort to be convincing in what she does.

“Well, then I’ll see you next week.” He says as she extends her hand to say good bye.
“Oh! Didn’t I tell you? I’m going to promote my book during the whole next month.” Of course she didn’t tell him, but he knew it anyway. He liked to be informed. Also this has gotten him the perfect opportunity to strike a little scheme.

“Why?” He doesn’t let go of her hand, trying to make eye contact with her to thrill her with his intensive gaze, but she pulls her hand back and makes her way around her desk, taking a seat in the exclusive black leather chair that’s placed behind the mahogany antique table.

“Because there are a lot more people who need my help. I know you’ll make it on your own. Like you said. You are cured now.”
“I really just hope you’re right!” He says with a sigh. He made sure to make it extra dramatic, making the sigh last as long as possible.

“In case you don’t know what to do, you still can call my cell.” Inside of her head she added a spiteful, Though I’m certainly not going to reply. She was more then grateful to be finally rid of the nuisance William Beckett is. This guy is the latest plague in her opinion. Too spoilt.

Her face just barely distorts, but William can’t tell if it’s because she’s trying to hide it or only from the fact that the Botox doesn’t allow her to misshape her face any more.
She reaches him, rounding her arms lightly around his slender shoulders and giving him more the farce of a hug.

He for his part loops his arms around her and pulls her into a tight hug. She pats his back, unseen from him she scrunches her nose up, reminding herself to keep calm. She is almost rid of this brat and she’s not going to make it longer then necessary. William keeps on squeezing her tightly against him and she’s wondering when he’ll ever stop.

Just when she’s about to say something the phone rings. She keeps herself from sighing in relief in that last second as she reaches for the phone and picks it up. William finally lets go of her and she takes a deep breath before she answers.


“Your daughter on line one.” Her secretary announces.
“Keep her on hold”

William reaches for the frame on Dr. Greenbaum’s desk. It contains the picture of a pretty blonde girl with a sweet smile.

“Is this your daughter?” He asks, though he already knows the answer – better then his therapist assumes.
“Yes, this is my Justine.” The Doctor confirms.
“She looks very lovely.” He says, observing the picture closely taking in her features, the fine nose, smooth skin and her wet pink lips. Her face is framed by soft curls and her eyes sparkle.

“She is wonderful, a straight A student. She is a very successful young woman. She’ll attend Harvard in fall.” Dr. Greenbaum says, not without a sound drenched tone.

“This is the kind of girl I should be together with.” His index finger runs lightly over the glass that covers the picture of the girl, gazing longingly at it.

“Don’t be offended, but she’s out of your reach, William.” She says, taking the picture out of his hands and placing it back on her desk, hoping he’d finally go. She starts getting very impatient by now.
Placing a hand on his back she urges him towards the door.

“Take care of yourself and always remember, sex is not the answer.” She says, opening the door in a fake polite gesture for him.

“Thank you again.” He says, waving with the book. “Thank you for everything!” With that he leaves and she turns to walk back to her desk, huffing an idiot under her breath.

She just settled herself in her chair again and reaches for her timer when the phone rings again. She picks up.

“What?” She says, extremely irritated by the time.
“Your daughter is still on hold.” The secretary informs her, causing her boss to roll her eyes.
She presses a button on her telephone, accepting her daughters call.

“Hello darling.” She answers, leaning back, making herself more comfortable.
“YOU KEPT ME ON HOLD?” Justine’s voice is shrill as she sobs almost hysterically.

“I’m so sorry, love. I had a patient.” She excuses herself, wondering if she’s going to get any rest today.
“Did something happen?”

“He told me he loves me! And I trusted him. Gosh I’m so daft!” She spits out, hyperventilating while she wipes her tears furiously away.

“It’s okay, honey. Compose yourself, take a deep breath and get yourself back into balance.” Her mother says. This is almost like a routine. She deals with out bursts like that 5 days a week.

“SPARE ME THIS THERAPEUTIC CRAP, MUM! There’re pictures of me on the internet!” Dr. Greenbaum’s eyes went wide. Any wider and they wouldn’t have stayed in her head.

“What kind of pictures?” She asks immediately, though this questions is actually unnecessary, judging by the mood of Justine.

“NUDEY PICTURES! What do you think?” She spats, sobbing louder.
“NUDEY PICTURES? Are you brainless? How could you do something like this?” There isn’t any thought wasted of ‘keeping calm’ or ‘breaking through a circle’. This is something she’s never head to deal with.

“He simply enthralled me and he was so lovely. And he told me how I had killer legs and he’d love to photograph them.” The last sentence makes Dr. Greenbaum feel like someone poured bucket of icy water on her. “And then, Things got completely out of control.”

She doesn’t needs to ask who did that to her daughter. She jumps up in an instant, the phone dangling on its curled cord from the desk. The desperate calls of her daughter roaring through her empty office, no one hearing the useless shouts.


William walks towards the exit, in no hurry. He isn’t somebody who gets himself into stress or panics. He wants to enjoy every minute of his life and hurrying certainly wouldn’t make this possible. When he walks pass a trash can he takes a last glance at the book he’s been given before throwing it into the waste bin, smiling to himself when he hears the item hitting the bottom of the bin noisily. Where it belongs, he thinks, with the rest of the trash.

He took a couple more steps when he hears someone banging in rage against the glass walls in the first storey. He turn around and lifts his eyes with a wide smirk when his eyes fall on a very uncontrolled Dr. Greenbaum, raping her clenched fists forceful against the glass, yelling his name.

“YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! DO YOU HEAR ME? I’M GOING TO WIPE THIS FUCKING GRIN OFF YOUR FACE YOU BASTARD!” She looks as if she’s going to break the glass when a guard is approaching her, trying to peel her off the large window, almost getting hit when she swings her fists in fury.

“What’s her problem?” He turns his head to look at the brunette girl that just stepped next to him.
An 8, not actually worth his attention, but it simply just fits so well that Dr. Greenbaum can still see him, hooking up with the next girl. She’s the perfect instrument to trickle a little more salt into his ex-therapists wounds.

“Someone could use some therapy, I guess.” He says with a smile. The girl giggles, pushing her hair back.
Dr. Greenbaum is still hewing the glass, glaring angrier at him with every second. Seeing him catching the next girl is only getting her angrier - just as he indented.

“May I ask for your name?” He says, giving her one of his infamous trade mark smiles, while he watches the guard pulling Dr. Greenbaum away.
“Cassandra.” She replies coyly, tugging a strand behind her ear while she looks at him through her lashes. Maybe a 8 ½ after all.

“Cassandra? Now, you’re stunning, Cassandra!”
“Thank you.” She blushes a light shade of pink, lowering her eyes again. He’s wondering why girls actually think that this is making them more attractive. To him that only means he has them wrapped around his finger already. No challenge, it’s way too easy in his opinion.

“I’m gonna take you to lunch.” He states, he doesn’t ask. There’s no doubt that she’ll agree, so why bother to ask.

“Okay.” She agrees. Just like a kid that’s been offered candy. He’s taking a hold of her hand and smiling again as he leads her out of the building. Like said, it’s a child play…
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