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Fic: Pool Fun

Title: Pool Fun
Pairing: Madden Twins
Author: Me, Chel
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All I own is my imagination.
Summary: Joel decides he wants Benji's attention
Notes: Written for badfalcon's birthday, because she made me.

“Now I remember why I wanted a pool,” Benji said to himself, throwing his towel on one of the loungers and climbing down into his pool, gasping as the cool water covered his naked body. He swam a few lengths, just relaxing, before grabbing his iPod from the side and moving to get on his lilo.

“Benj?” Joel called, entering his twin’s house. Having heard no response, and seeing the back door open, he wandered outside. **This is just too perfect** Joel grinned as he saw his twin, fast asleep on a lilo in the middle of his pool, iPod lying on his bare, broad chest, headphones in his ears.

Joel's eyes followed the contours of his brother’s body down past his waist, onto the pure white skin of his groin, the area the sun never saw. The area that only Joel ever saw. Within seconds he’d shed his clothes and was slipping into the water smoothly. He waded softly over to where Benji was before ducking under the water and overturning the lilo.

Joel giggled as Benji surfaced, flailing his arms and spluttering, “What the fuck?!” He saw Joel surface and glared at him. “I was fucking asleep Joel!”

“I noticed. I was bored.” Joel defended. “I can think of ways to make it up to you.” Joel offered, wading closer to his twin.
“I’m sure you can...” Benji grinned, narrowing the gap between them. “But I have my own ideas.” Smirking, he brought his hands up and splashed Joel, earning a high pitched girly squeal from him.
“Oh you so know I’m getting you back for that Benjamin.” Joel giggled, splashing Benji back.

“Hey!” Benji yelped, swimming over to Joel and gripping him around the middle, using him as leverage to rise above him and dunk him. As soon as Joel went under, Benji swam away to the other side of the lilo, using it as a barrier between him and his twin.

Instead of surfacing, Joel followed his brother’s path underwater, grabbing Benji’s calves and pulling him under. As Benji sank, Joel wrapped his colourful legs around Benji’s thighs, causing their semi-hard dicks to rub together.

Benji reflexively pushed them to the surface before attaching his lips to his twin’s neck. “Fuck Benj,” Joel moaned, his legs instinctively tightening around the solid mass of his brother. The friction caused Benji to peel his lips from Joel's neck and meet his lips, while at the same time grinding his hips into Joel's, their now fully erect dicks and heavy balls pressing together.

Benji whimpered and slid his hands under Joel's ass, running his fingers over the firm globes of flesh, slipping a finger into the crevice, massaging his entrance, the movements aided by the water around them.
A moan escaped Joel's lips as Benji’s finger pressed inside him. He responded by wrapping his arms around Benji’s neck, pulling his twin as close to him as humanly possible. Benji pulled away from Joel's lips, instead just pecking his lips and cheeks and chin before returning to his lips for a deep kiss, distracting Joel as he entered another finger into his twin.

This time it was Joel's turn to pull away from the kiss. “Get on with it Benj, just fuck me.” Joel grinned, “Can’t you feel how ready I am?” Joel teased, pressing his erection into his brother’s stomach.
Benji groaned in return, removing his fingers and gripping the backs of Joel's thighs to lift him high enough so Benji could fuck him. Joel wrapped his legs around Benji’s waist, arching his back so Benji had access to his ass.

Biting his lower lip, Benji lined himself up and pushed into Joel, thrusting harder than usual to counter the pressure of the water. As a result, he managed to hit Joel's prostate head on first time, causing Joel to emit a scream. He started moving slowly, never pulling completely out of Joel. Joel rocked his hips in time with Benji, the pair of them moving as one. Joel reached between them with one hand to give some much-needed contact to his erection but Benji stopped him. “That’s mine. Just wait.” Reluctantly Joel did as Benji’d asked, moaning into his twin’s neck as Benji’s thrusts sped up, bringing him to an explosive orgasm inside his baby brother.

Benji moved them over to the side of the pool, Joel still wrapped around him. Lifting Joel from his softening dick, Benji helped Joel to scoot onto the side of the pool and placed himself between his twin’s spread legs. “I told you this was mine,” Benji smiled at Joel before turning his attention to the pressing matter in front of his face.

Joel grinned and threaded his fingers through Benji’s wet hair as his twin took his erection into his mouth, teasing the slit with his lipring, before tracing the underside with his tongue, eliciting a helpless moan from Joel. Benji brought one hand up from under the water to fondle his lover’s balls while he sucked and licked Joel’s erection with fervour and that was enough for Joel to come in his twin’s mouth.

Benji swallowed and smiled at Joel before pulling himself up out of the pool. He reached down a hand for Joel and led him to the loungers. Benji sat on one, and pulled Joel into his lap. “Love you Joel.”
“Love you too Benj,” Joel replied, lacing their fingers over his stomach, “You know, I’m glad you got a pool.”
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