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FIC: A Whole New World

Title: A Whole New World...
Pairing: Joel Madden/Tony Lovato
Author: Me, Chel
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine, don’t own. All I own is the idea sadly.
Summary: Joel wants to try new things with his lover.
Notes: Written for Cassie, was originally to cheer her up months ago but only just finished it.

“You like using your tongue, don’t you Tone?” Benji teased his friend as they were on a break from filming the video for “Festival Song”.
“Yeah,” Tony grinned wickedly, “I’m talented with it too – just ask your baby brother.”
“Tony!” Benji yelped, “I don’t need to know that about Joel, thanks!”
“Well you did bring up the subject of my tongue… incidentally it’s not the only thing I’m good with.” Tony giggled at the look of horror on Benji’s face and ran off to find his boyfriend. “I really didn’t need to know that.” Benji muttered to himself and went to find Billy and Paul.

Tony found his quarry and jumped onto Joel's back, “Hey Joely,” he moved and licked his way up Joel's cheek. Joel just laughed, put Tony down, and kissed him properly. “Hey baby.”
“Hey.” Tony kissed Joel again. “I just managed to freak your twin out.” He grinned proudly, “and that doesn’t happen often.”
Joel giggled, “No, it doesn’t.” He agreed, “What did you do to him?”
“Told him about my oral – and other – skills, he looked terrified.” Tony smirked. “Don’t worry though, I’m not going to try them on him, my skills are for you alone… or anyone you choose.” Tony lowered his voice at that last and winked, kissing Joel briefly before Joel got called to go film.

“Benj? Can I ask you something?” Joel asked a little unsurely.
“Of course Joely, I’m your big bro, it’s what I’m here for.” Benji smiled, throwing an arm around Joel's shoulders and leading him away from the crew.
“I… Tony… I think I want to go to a fetish or sex club with Tony, but don’t know of any or what to wear or what to do.” Joel blushed crimson, his eyes focused on the grass under his feet. Benji just giggled. “My innocent baby brother asking me about sex clubs.” He tilted Joel's face up to meet his, “What did you want to know?”

Feeling reassured after his chat with Benji, Joel got home and logged onto his computer, typing a few words into google and clicking on a site that looked promising. As it loaded he couldn’t keep the grin from his face. It was perfect. He reached for his credit card in anticipation. Tony was going to love it. Or so he hoped. Next he looked up the sites Benji’d recommended. As soon as he set eyes on one of the clubs his mind was made up. He was taking Tony there. As soon as his new purchases arrived anyway.

A week later Joel raced downstairs to answer the door. Tony stood there, holding a rather large box addressed to Joel. “Hey, I passed the UPS guy and he gave me this to give you as I was coming up anyway.” Tony grinned, pecking Joel on the lips and handing him the box. Joel just grinned. “Hey baby, thanks.” Joel put the box down and kissed Tony properly.

“So, what’s in there?” Tony asked, eyebrow rising when he saw the name in the corner of the box. “Extreme Restraints? Joel? Something you wanted to tell me?”
“Kind of.” Joel couldn’t keep the light blush from spreading. “I… I thought we could maybe go here.” Joel handed Tony a sheet of paper with the details and directions to the club he’d picked on it.
“Liberty?” Tony asked, reading the sheet. “But we don’t have costumes to show our relationship…”
“That’s where you’re wrong baby.”
“I am?” Tony looked confused until realisation dawned. “The box.” Joel just grinned and passed it to Tony, who opened it hesitantly. “What the fuck?!” He exclaimed as he pulled out the first item. Joel smiled as Tony pulled out the leather collar with attached nipple clamps. He watched Tony’s expression move from surprise to doubt to a tentative smile. “This looks like it could be fun?” He tried.
Joel giggled, “Keep going baby.” Tony put the collar down and reached into the box again, this time pulling out a pair of leather shorts. His eyebrows shot up as he looked quizzically at his boyfriend. “Leather shorts, Joel?”
“Um,” Joel’s ears started turning pink. “Not just shorts… read the description Tone.” Tony did and his eyebrows crept closer and closer to his hairline. “Chastity shorts?” He managed to choke out. “What the… Where did you find this shit Joel?”

“The internet. If you don’t like them or don’t want to do this, I understand, I just thought…” Joel trailed off, staring at the floor. Tony cut him off, placing a soft finger over his lips before tilting Joel’s head up to meet his gaze. “I love it Jay, see how much I love it?” Tony asked, taking Joel’s hand and placing it over the bulge in his jeans. Joel grinned, satisfied that his lover was happy. “In that case bitch, put that tongue to a better use.” He pushed Tony down to his knees, Tony smirked, ice blue eyes dark with lust as he undid Joel’s zipper. “Anything you say, my lord.”

“So, when are you planning on taking me to Liberty?” Tony asked later, when they were cuddled together on the sofa.
“I hadn’t decided yet, I wanted to see what you thought first. I want this to be for us, baby, not just you and not just me.”
“Thank you Jay.” Tony kissed his boyfriend softly. “I love you.”
“I love you too baby.” After a minute, Tony pulled away. “How about Saturday night?”
“Sounds good.” Joel agreed. Sitting up, he took hold of Tony’s hands. “We need to have some ground rules, and make sure we know what we’re comfortable with.” Tony sat up next to him, curling into his bare, warm side a little.

“Benjamin?” Joel spluttered. “You want Benjamin to be our safe word?!” Tony giggled. “Well, it’s something I can’t imagine you saying in that circumstance… and you never call him Benjamin anyway.” Tony ducked away from Joel as his boyfriend tried to push him off the couch. “You want me to use my twin brother’s name as our way to stop if things are getting too much?” Joel smirked. “Well, I suppose it works.” He nodded. “Benjamin it is.”

Saturday afternoon rolled around, and Tony was getting as excited as Joel was nervous. “It’ll be fun, J.” Tony reassured Joel, kissing him lightly. “If you’re not comfortable with anything just say the word, and we can stop or leave or whatever, ok?”
“I know, thanks baby.” Joel kissed Tony back, resting his head on Tony’s shoulder. “I figure we want to leave around eight to get there,” Joel commented, “Which means we have a couple of hours before we need to get ready…” Tony grinned, pulling away from Joel and kneeling in front of him. “Could we play with our new toys please my lord?”

Within fifteen minutes Tony was naked, the collar firmly locked around his neck, clamps teasing his nipples as Joel teased his balls by lightly trailing the leather crop he’d purchased over them, firm enough to make Tony squirm with pleasure but too gentle to give him the pressure he craved. Joel studiously ignored Tony’s hard length as it rested against his stomach, until Tony’s hand travelled down towards his erection, but as his fingers reached it the crop cracked against his wrist, causing him to pull his hand back and cradle it against his chest. “Did I give you permission to touch yourself, bitch?” Joel demanded, tapping the leather against his palm.

“No my lord.” Tony replied, lowering his gaze.
“I think you need to be punished.” Joel commented idly, his focus moving to Tony’s captive nipples. With hardly a pause after speaking the whip flew through the air, landing with a sharp smack on Tony’s right nipple. Tony yelped as the sting caused the clamp to shift, sending a fresh pain through his nipple. Before he had a chance to recover from that slap, Joel repeated the action on his left nipple, causing Tony to cry out again. “Did I give you permission to speak?”

“No… I…” Tony tried, wincing as the smacks kept coming, covering his stomach and thighs, the occasional one catching the chains connecting his nipples to the collar. “Joel… I… Please… My lord, please…” Tony cried out as Joel flicked the crop against his balls, “What bitch?” Joel stopped, raising an eyebrow, waiting to see what Tony had to say.

“No more, please. Not now. I need to be in a fit state later.” Tony offered. Joel nodded, consenting. “Turn over.” Tony did as instructed, crawling onto his hands and knees, bracing himself as Joel placed a flurry of strikes down Tony’s back and over his ass. Throwing the crop to the floor, Joel followed the path the crop had taken with his fingers and lips, soothing the reddened skin on his lover’s back. Tony arched into the touch, loving the affection Joel bestowed on him. He loved it even more when Joel’s tongue trailed lower, following the curve of his ass down into the crack. Tony moaned as Joel pressed into him, his wet tongue pushing through the rings of muscle. Tony bucked his hips when Joel’s hands cupped his ass, kneading the firm flesh before moving down, fingertips teasing his perineum as his hand crept forward, tugging on Tony’s balls before his fingers curled around his lover’s erection. Joel’s other hand idly played with Tony’s nipple, having freed it from the clamp. With a loud moan and an exclamation of, “Fuck Joel,” Tony came long and hard into Joel’s hand.

Joel removed his tongue from his lover’s ass, and moved so Tony could roll over. Once Tony was settled against the headboard, he pulled Joel up to him, licking his hand clean, and sucking Joel’s fingers into his mouth, one at a time, performing a mini blowjob on each one. Joel whimpered, feeling extremely horny as he watched his boyfriend from under lowered lashes. Tony slid Joel’s little finger out of his mouth, grinning at him before grabbing his ass and pulling him forward, so Joel was straddling him, his hard dick mere centimetres from Tony’s lips.
With a smirk, Tony leaned his head forward, engulfing the head of Joel’s dick in his mouth. Tony used his extensive oral skills to bring Joel to a shattering orgasm, Joel gripping Tony’s blond spikes hard as he shot into his boyfriend’s mouth, screaming in ecstasy as Tony swallowed his come, Joel’s sensitive dick still in his mouth. “Fuck Tone.” Joel panted, collapsing down next to him, leaning up for a quick kiss. Tony obliged, snuggling down next to Joel for a brief nap so they’d feel refreshed for that evening.

Joel woke up to an empty bed, disappointed until he heard noise from the lounge. Wandering in, he found Tony holding the chastity shorts, figuring out how they worked. He looked up and caught Joel’s eyes, “Sure you don’t want to wear these?” That pure Tony smirk was back.
“No baby, you’ll look much hotter in them than me, and besides, I already have my outfit.” Joel smiled at the questioning look on his lover’s face. “You’ll see.” Joel walked to Tony, kissed him on the cheek and went to get a shower. “What are you wearing?” Tony called after him. Joel just shrugged without breaking his stride.

When Joel emerged from his shower he saw Tony in the bedroom, back to him, wriggling his way into the skintight shorts. Joel stood and watched as his lover struggled to get them up. Joel cleared his throat and Tony whirled around, shorts up but undone, his erection curling up and making Joel lick his lips in anticipation. “They look just as good as I imagined.” He grinned, sashaying closer to Tony and running his hands along the baby soft leather covering his upper thighs. “I think this gets in the way of doing them up…” Joel commented, trailing his fingertips along Tony’s hard dick. Brushing past him, he reached into their equipment cupboard and pulled out a thin strip of leather.

“Joel, please.” Tony pleaded, knowing what Joel was about to do.
“Please what?” Joel asked teasingly, idly scratching his stomach while looking at the blond.
“Please, don’t. I promise I won’t come without it on Joel. I promise.”
“I don’t think you have that kind of control, Tone.” Joel shook his head. “It’s for your own benefit.” Joel smirked and deftly tied the leather around Tony’s cock and balls to form a tight cock ring. Tony bucked against Joel’s touch, a helpless whimper escaping his lips. Joel pressed his lips to Tony’s in a tender kiss. “I love you Tone.”
“Love you too.” Tony replied against Joel’s lips, moving back to let Joel finish doing up his shorts and putting the padlocks in place.
“Fuck Tone.” Joel muttered, looking at his handiwork.
“Later I hope.” Tony grinned. “Anyway, shouldn’t you get dressed or is that your outfit?” The cocky grin was back as Tony’s eyes scanned over his lover’s naked body.

After some kissing and groping and sucking on Tony’s part, Joel was eventually dressed. He wore tight black PVC pants, black and steel platform boots and a tight black mesh top. The top showed off his muscles, tattoos and the ring through his left nipple, which was currently adorned with the keys to Tony’s shorts. Tony’s eyes widened as Joel came back out of the bathroom, his hair in mini spikes and black kohl rimming his eyes. “Jesus Joel, you look…” Tony trailed off, licking his lips. Joel giggled. “Do I look okay? Really? Like, not overdressed?”
“Fuck Joel. No. You look amazing. Perfect.” Tony reassured him, meeting his lips in a soft kiss. “Are you ready to go?”
“Almost. You need the rest of your outfit first.” Joel grinned, getting the collar and clamps out. Tony turned around to let Joel fasten the collar at the back of his neck before moving to face Joel again. Joel leaned down a little, sucking Tony’s nipples into his mouth one at a time, licking them before attaching the clamps. “Now you’re ready.” Joel nodded, taking Tony’s hand and leading him downstairs. Joel called a cab and spent the waiting time putting eyeliner on Tony and playing with his hair, just wanting affectionate contact before they hit the club.

Walking into the club, it hit Joel what they were about to do. Sensing his lover’s uncertainty, Tony wrapped his arms around him. “It’s okay Joely. We’ll only do what you’re comfortable with.” Joel surreptitiously leaned back into him. “Thank you.” Walking further in, Joel’s eyes were darting all over the place, looking at couples and the outfits and everything. Taking a deep breath he walked forward, one finger looped in Tony’s shorts to keep them together. A woman walked past them, a man on a lead crawling behind her. “Nice slave.” She commented to Joel, gesturing to Tony. Joel blushed lightly and smiled. “Thanks. You too.” Joel and Tony wandered around, looking into rooms and seeing couples and groups in varying degrees of undress and play. Joel found a room full of couples, all receiving oral sex from slaves and he led Tony in.

As soon as they entered, the subby boy they’d seen earlier approached them. “Please sir? May I suck your dick?” He asked Joel, kneeling in front of him. Joel shot a glance at Tony who nodded discretely before walking over to a man and sitting in front of him before engulfing the stranger’s erection into his mouth. Joel watched him until his attention was moved back to the slave in front of him who had unbuttoned his pants and was licking the head of his shaft. Joel came soon, from the talented boy on his knees in front of him, and from watching Tony suck another man to orgasm. Joel whimpered as he came, noticing that the man Tony was servicing was writhing and moaning and he came with a scream. Joel grinned, knowing exactly how good Tony was at giving head. Tony crawled back over to Joel, curling up at his feet, their eyes meeting in a silent conversation. Joel reached down and played with the chain attached to Tony’s nipples, making him whimper and squirm.

A man dressed from head to toe in white leather approached the pair. “Excuse me, may I borrow him for a while?” He asked Joel.
“Sure.” Joel replied, handing the chain to the man. The man led Tony out of the room, and Joel stood and followed, unsure of what was happening. He followed them into a room where the man pushed Tony down onto the bed and efficiently tied his wrists and ankles to the corners before applying a blindfold to the blond. He placed a chair in the corner of the room, took Joel’s hand and led him into the room properly, pointing out a cupboard with whips, paddles and such. He smiled at Joel and sat in the chair, indicating for Joel to play.

Joel grinned, walking over to the cupboard and selecting a small cat o nine tails. He trailed it lightly over Tony’s nipples, before bringing it down on one of the tortured nubs with a smack, causing Tony to yelp. He returned to trailing it over Tony nipples and abdomen, randomly bringing it down hard and leaving red welts on his lover’s heavily tattooed chest and stomach. Putting the cat to one side, Joel leaned down and licked along the raised marks, soothing them with his tongue, his lover thrusting into his touch. Joel trailed a hand down to rub over Tony’s contained erection, the friction causing Tony to elicit a loud moan.

Hearing another moan, Joel looked to the corner of the room, seeing the strange man with his penis out of his pants, running his hand along his length, the other hand pulling his balls. Joel stopped what he was doing, moving over to the man, “Come here. He’ll suck you.” He whispered. The man stood, his pants falling to the floor as he walked to the bed, climbed on it and straddled Tony’s face. As Joel rubbed Tony’s stomach and chest, the stranger fucked Tony’s mouth, gently at first but harder and faster the closer he got to orgasm. He shot in Tony’s mouth, moving off him and indulging in a deep kiss, taking some of his come from Tony’s mouth before nodding to Joel, picking up his pants and leaving them alone.

Joel lifted his shirt and removed the keys from his nipple, undoing the padlocks on the front of Tony’s shorts. As he pulled the zips down his lover’s erection jutted out, pulsing and rock hard. Joel bent his head and sucked just the tip into his mouth, giggling as he pulled off and Tony whimpered at the loss. Joel pulled his pants off, straddled Tony’s waist and put his fingers to Tony’s lips, smiling as Tony sucked them, coating them thoroughly before Joel pulled them out, placing them at his own asshole and working them in and out, stretching himself for Tony. He spat into his hand, coating Tony’s erection with the saliva. Leaning forward to kiss his lover, he pushed back onto Tony’s dick until Tony was fully sheathed in him. Joel set a fast pace, waiting until he was almost at his orgasm before reaching underneath him and untying the leather so Tony could come. They came together, Tony screaming his release as he thrust up into Joel uncontrollably. Joel rode his orgasm out before removing Tony’s blindfold and meeting his lips in a searing kiss.

Joel moved off his lover and reached around to untie his wrists and ankles. Tony stretched and smiled contentedly, pulling Joel back down to him. He kissed him softly. “I love you Joel.”
“I love you too Tone. Thank you.”
“No, thank you.” Tony smiled. “So, you want to come back?”
“You know it.” Joel grinned, snuggling up to his boyfriend.

~El fin~

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